Cook With a Local

Cook With a Local is a digital platform where people can sign up to host food and beverage classes for both tourists and locals, or to be a guest at one themselves. It is open to both professionals and non-professionals. The site is global with customers worldwide. The site launched in December 2014, and was founded in June 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The idea came from a research project two of the founders were involved in 2013. During this project they had a spontaneous cooking lesson in a small kitchen in the back of vegetable store in Copenhagen. Here they learned to make the owner’s secret European/Arabic fusion lunch recipe and heard him share his lifestory. The experience was so memorable that we wanted other people to be able to have the same kind of experiences. Therefore we have made it our mission to connect people through food and beverage classes.
On our website you can host or be a guest at food or beverage classes. It can be cooking classes, wine tasting, cake decorating, juicing, lectures, whiskey tasting, beer brewing, candy making and more. Travel the world and bring home a new recipe as souvenir. 


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