LARSEN & ERIKSEN is an unconventional Danish watch brand based in Copenhagen, heart of the vibrant Scandinavian design movement and one of the world pioneers in urban bicyclism.

We believe that happiness should be a worldwide human right, regardless of ethnicity and income – and we believe that revolutionizing the watch industry is one way of catalyzing that.
Thus, we strive to create a welcome-for-all universe with a global social impact evolving around a collection of watches inspired by the 50’s unique era of classic, timeless Danish design stir fried with a raw, modern twist of today’s Copenhagen.

By doing so, we’re not only shifting power from the brands to the consumers – we’re also doing our best to contribute to the happiness of the ones that can’t afford to worry about what clothes they’re wearing, or what time it is.

We call it: Time for everyone. Everywhere.

Bonus info:

LARSEN & ERIKSEN was founded in February 2015 by two childhood friends and longtime watch geeks.
From many years of traveling the farthest corners of the world, the two founders had not only experienced the diverse destinies of the world’s inhabitants but they had also observed how an often over-priced watch market shredded the budgets of its consumers.
Based on these worldly impressions, the two founders came up with the idea of LARSEN & ERIKSEN. And so, the motivation was really quite simple: Things could and should be done better.


Jeppe Larsen + Magnus Eriksen