LivingLean is an established business. With our three year of existing, we have successfully developed the concept Trust-based Lean® and proven its potential. However, recently we have developed a new product Potentialemålingen® (not yet named in English) that we believe has a great international potential.

It is with support of this product we apply to get enrolled in the Go Grow Programme. Although we have the experience of running a business, we serious lack knowledge, inspiration, support and retention on the international areas as well as adjusting business outside the traditional HR market, which we believe is necessary.


Potentialemålingen® build on the basic idea of Trustbased Lean®. This concept simultaneously helps companies increase Efficiency, Quality and Trust. The idea is that it requires competent and motivated employees to deliver great value to consumers – for the organization to make the necessary results. By focusing on soft as well as hard parameters simultaneously we capture Trust, Quality and Efficiency in total. The hard parameters concern ex. corporate waste, quality and efficiency. The soft parameters covers attitude, behaviour and relationships amongst employees /leaders. We believe that there is a close relation between the hard and soft parameters – and that trust is a key parameter to unlock the full potential of the organizational efficiency. It is our experience that self-managed employees are both motivated and efficient.

Founders: Stina Trojlsgaard, & Torben Vang,