Vejrhøj is founded by Janus Aarup who set out to create a watch brand crafted from wooden materials and firmly rooted in the simplistic Danish design culture.

The brand found its name in the forest and hills around Vejrhøj, whose picturesque landscape was formed during the last major Ice Age. Though Vejrhøj is merely 121 meter above sea level, it is one of the highest points in Denmark, and on a clear day 27 churches can be counted, including the cathedral in Roskilde. The location serves as a natural source of inspiration for Vejrhøj’s watches as Janus grew up at the foot of this petite “mountain”.

In short, the Vejrhøj brand is based on sustainable materials and a timeless approach to design. So whether you are design-minded or a watch connoisseur, Vejrhøj offers a small range of watches that claim their relevance today and in the world of tomorrow.

Founder: Janus Aarup,