The Sitpack Kickstrater campaign by Mono+Mono

Go Grow company Mono+Mono has collected 1,009,969 DKK on Kickstarter. Do you want to know how they did it?
The Sitpack Kickstrater campaign by Mono+Mono

Mono+Mono is a design company and the inventors of the world´s smallest truly portable chair – the Sitpack. Over the last month the team has demonstrated how to run a Kickstarter campaign the proper way. Their goal was to reach 450,000 DKK, but with 2749  backers pledging 1,009,969 DKK they exceeded their wildest expectations.

Watch Mono+Mono´s Kickstater campaign here!

We believe that many startups can learn from Mono+Mono´s experience and we have summarized some of their greatest Kickstarter campaign strategies and moves.

Be prepared

The team prepared before the campaign started, but they were also prepared to dedicate their time doing the campaign. Before the launch of the campaign they made sure to have a professional and interesting video, they had a variety of photos and they had a complete description of the product. Further, they were prepared to answer all the feedback from the Kickstarter crowd. Often campaign runners are surprised with the amount of feedback and many find that they do not have time to reply to all of it. Mono+Mono found the time.

Make changes 

The Sitpack was origionally called REST, but just a few days into the campaign they changed the name to Sitpack. Here is what the team said:

“In only a few days we have received more feedback than in the last 2 years, and all you fantastic, crazy, wacky, cool and quirky ideas have inspired us to the Moon, and beyond.

We wanted to build upon all your creativity and started playing with colors, shapes and slogans to make the identity of REST even more cool and appealing. A lot of ping pong, mind maps and coffee later, our new identity is ready.

REST is now Sitpack and our campaign has gotten a revamp with new colors, graphics and other cool stuff.”

The team made quick adaptations which suited the users. We believe that their ability to listen to the users and respond with changes is part of their success.

Make it personal

When answering the feedback or making new updates on the campaign the team used a very personal tone. They spoke directly to the backers. Successful campaigns on Kickstarter are often the once that the typical Kickstarter user can identify with. By speaking the “Kickstarter language” Mono+Mono stayed true to their brand, but also connected with a bigger portion of the Kickstater crowd. See some of their comments here!

Spread the word

Doing the campaign the team did not only spend time behind their computers monitoring the campaign. They actually spend more time than normal, pitching at different events and talking to people about their campaign. This surely spread the word in the local community in Copenhagen and helped attract attention and backers.

Get publicity 

The team was not just noticed in Copenhagen, actually the Sitpack got a lot of attention from international medias. This publicity attracted more backers from all over the world. See a list of their impressive publicity here!

Mono+mono the sitpack
Mono+Mono the Sitpack