3 Lessons We Learned Along Our Startup’s Journey

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About us

In the field of beauty and hair care, what we put into our bodies is just as important as what we rub into it. With the knowledge we have and based on clinical trials in cooperation with nutritionists, pharmacists, and chemists from Denmark, we have developed a nourishing range of products for men and women who want longer, thicker, and healthier hair. HairLust provides the vital vitamins and nutrients that your hair needs to grow longer, thicker and healthier. Our products are divided into two categories, which consist of supplements and hair care products, ensuring optimal inner and outer care for your hair.


HairLust encapsulates a new generation of food supplements and hair care products with its focus on hair growth and appealing visual identity, which can best be described as being of a modern, presentable, and shareable, yet professional, appearance. We aim to break with the traditional, taboo attitude towards hair loss and thin hair as well as food supplements, especially among young men and women. We bring a breath of fresh air to the traditional market by making old fashioned products attractive, highly effective and ordinary for everyone.


3 Lessons We Learned Along Our Startup’s Journey


Successful startups require more than just one person


We’ve experienced first-hand how important it is that we have been two co-founders in HairLust. I think most can agree to this, that you have to find other team members on your startup that complement your own skills. We’ve ourselves experienced several times how important is has been to have team members with skills in different fields to save high costs at agencies and other third-party companies for solving e.g. financial accounting, design work, digital marketing etc. for us. This way we save valuable money in the startup phase where the budgets are low.


Don’t be afraid to share


We believe that sharing information with peers and other startups is really important. Sharing is caring! If you help others in need for feedback, you can ask them for help as well. It’s always good to get eyes on your key decisions from peers who know what situation you’re in. This has helped us many times when we feel some decisions should be taken with careful consideration. Often, you’re not many persons in a startup, and you might miss some aspects of your own thoughts, which can help you take the right decisions for your business.


Embrace feeling uncomfortable


We hear this every now and again: how, in order to grow, you have to operate out of your comfort zone. Keep yourself in a constant check- the moment you find that you’re making decisions from your comfort zone, ask yourself if you could do something here that you’ve never done before. Notice how that makes you feel. Then do it. Getting out of your comfort zone will bring newer experiences to you and thus, to your business.

3 Lessons We Learned Along Our Startup’s Journey
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