Jannik Friis

Business Executive, Investor & Growth Advisor
Jannik Friis

Recent activities: Mentoring and coaching international students and entrepreneurs within the international part of the DTU incubator environment as well as the Go-Grow accelerator program at CSE / CBS. Around 25 start-up companies have had my in-depth coaching or mentoring assistance – with primary focus on business plans, production outsourcing, execution strategies as well as legal aspects within distribution and stakeholders. Not to forget the important element of pitching for financial support.

In the past 35 years, I have almost only worked in international business environment, – serving as a CEO/President/CMO for some of the biggest Brands in the world: BMW Group, MINI, Peugeot-Citroën SA, France, Proctor & Gamble, Nissan, Trollbeads Jewelry and many others. Besides this, I have as well tried the hard work as an serial-entrepreneur / up-starter; – founding 8 new companies – and the most fun and rewarding one was the 2003 foundation of the new Danish BMW Group company; – starting from zero, recruiting all staff and establishing an efficient front-office / back office organizational in a pan-scandinavian set-up. Turnover today mEUR 130.

Besides marketing of cars, I have owned and lead a plastic moulding factory for 20 years, and been active as an investor over three decades.

I am very familiar with the entrepreneurial coaching environment – as well as general team spirit creation. My strengths are in the business context – with a particular strong focus on Sales, marketing and distribution – and less in the specific technical matter of the engineering world. I often see my role linked up to business planning and execution – including the important role of stakeholder management and marketing-and communication efforts.