The Digital Growth Path is a digital transformative technology vertical in Go Grow focused on accelerating the development of top entrepreneurs within Digital Transformative Technology through an experiential education program.

The Digital Growth Path (DGP) in the Go Grow program will support the entrepreneurs innovate new strategies and business models in order for their companies to thrive in the fast-changing digital age.

Recognizing that digital transformative technology  startups within 3D print, robotics, AI, VR and IoT have industry-specific needs not addressed by the Go Grow accelerator, GDP was created in cooperation with the Danish Industry Foundation. DGP will focus on advancing breakthrough digital transformative technologies by accelerating the development of Danish high-potential entrepreneurs. The verticall will bring additional resources, such specialized expert knowledge within digital transformative technologies to the startup companies and a strong interaction with the wider ecosystem within these technologies.

The DGP support founders who have proven traction and are ready to build for scale, within 3D, robotics, IoT, health IT, VR etc. can apply for the vertical.

The DGP startup companies apply through the same competitive Go Grow process and work alongside the entrepreneurs in the Go Grow program.

We take 0% equity from founders.

For more information please contact: Dorthea Haldrup Nielsen by e-mail: or tel.: +45 41852274