The Milestone Award for Entrepreneurship

Milestone Systems supports entrepreneurship After every ended Go Grow Batch, we celebrate with a Demo Day Pitch. At this event the startups demonstrate their company by pitching in front of students, investors, business angels and industry experts. The 15 Go

The Startups are Back from Germany

“An exciting intro to Berlin as a start-up hub. [We’ve gained] good takeaways in terms of legal, accounting and investment advice (…) The beers were good too.” (Oliver Sørensen, CEO & Co-founder of  Drivi)   Once again the Go Grow

Demo Day

Demo day is just around the corner!   With CBS Entrepreneurial Day approaching, stakes are high for the 15 Go Grow and Digital Growth Path startups attending the event.  Demo Day, as part of the Entrepreneurial Day will take place

Ready to Scale a Surface Chemistry Company

Every start-up has an inspiring story, this is the short version of ours… Imagine the ability to assemble a piece of plastic and metal with a seamless beautiful interface, without using any toxic chemical adhesives, screws or bolts. This is

Greetings from Germany!

Written by Claus Birkedal, project manager of Digital Growth Path Greetings from Germany! Picture from Ernst&Young     We are half way through the foreign market visit and had some intense first three days with 12 activities / meetings scattered

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

  I began my journey as an entrepreneur in 2015 as a ‘one-man-army’. The first 3 months were so busy and exciting that it didn’t seem like a problem to be on my own. I even got two offers from

Go Grow Startups crossing borders, once again!

“ We ​got a good understanding of the market, the first leads, and such a good time hanging out with the other startups in an intense week with focus on nothing else but our business.” – Mads Kjer from Ticketbutler