Where is Go Grow going?

Go Grow is going abroad again for our next Foreign Market Visit. This time, two of our startups have decided to embark on an exciting opportunity to dive deep into a new market and get some valuable local insights.  

Building Your Personal Brand Is The Best Thing You Can Do In 2019

From the ashes of GDPR: Your data belongs to you   Hi, Andreas Jonsson here.   I’m a digital adventurer and entrepreneur by heart. I run two companies and this is the story of how our tech startup SHIELD came

Demo Day Preparations Are On

On the 19th of march, 14 startups will be giving their all in front of a critical audience of business professionals, investors, students, aspiring entrepreneurs, friends and family. In a series of 3 minute pitches, the pressure is on for

Four Months As Entrepreneurs

Four months as entrepreneurs  Sense Analytics was founded in September 2018, growing from the idea that many companies, particularly ones relying much on manual labour, have a large amount of data available, yet often no way of effectively utilising the

42patents Makes Patent Renewals Profitable Again For Law Firms

Over the past decade, there has been a race to the bottom from Intellectual Property service providers to deliver the cheapest patent renewals. Falling profit margins combined with the complexity and risk of handling patent renewals globally has resulted in

People Don’t Want Your Ads – They Want Your Stories

We all know them: the annoying ads, that seem to interrupt us everywhere we look. As the quantity of ads rises it is becoming increasingly more difficult for marketers to cut through to the consumers. And consumers are losing interest