3 Low-hanging Fruits in WordPress that Improve How Your Startup is Ranking in Google Searches

Being a startup at CSE, we experience first-hand how many startups struggle with the fundamentals for ranking with their website in Google searches. We want to change this!


Whether you love Google or love to hate Google, you must acknowledge what the popular and ever-present search engine can do for your startup.


In Denmark, 97,03 % of people rely on Google when actively looking for the services and products that your startup offers. However, these people tend to click on the top-3 results in SERP (search engine results pages). So, this is where you must be!

The following are 3 low-hanging fruits in WordPress that your startup in particular can take advantage of to improve your rankings in Google searches.


  1. Yoast SEO


The mission of Yoast is ‘SEO for Everyone’. Their mission is give everyone the opportunity to rank in search engines, which is just the reason that you need to install their SEO plugin for WordPress.


With the plugin installed and activated, you get access to editing both XML sitemaps, and meta descriptions and title tags. All are beneficial for your rankings in searches, as it improves CTR and Google easier can see what your website and the different landing pages are all about.


Install the plugin to begin your climb in rankings.


  1. Add an alt text to your images


In situations where an image is not available to the reader, an alt text (or alt tag) added to your images secures that no information is lost. You should add an alt text to every image that you use. Why?


If you describe what are on your images, both search engines and people can easier make sense of it. You should also in your alt texts include the keywords you want your different landing pages to rank high on in searches in Google.


As a rule of thumb, the more relevant information surrounding an image, the more important Google deems the image. So, add a descriptive alt text to your images. You do this in your Media Library in WordPress. You should also consider working on the size of your images and more while at it.


  1. Improve your site structure


The ‘Page Attributes’ setting in WordPress (see below) allows you to set page parents, and to change the order of your pages. This enables you to structure your website in a logical way.


The structure should be simple. Each sub page, also known as a child page, should somehow relate to the main category under which it is under. See example. Businesses tend to make the mistake of not doing this, e.g. yourwebsite.dk/consulting and not yourwebsite.dk/services/consultingSee example. 


So, make sure to structure your website through page parents. Both your visitors and Google will thank you through a higher avg. time on page and improved rankings.


We really hope that you could use the advices just given!


Best of luck with your SEO from us at SearchZoo.


If entrepreneurial stories such as these interest you, you should also check out Go Grow’s Demo Day event on March 19th, where 14 startups such as the one founded by Mads, will be pitching for prizes in front of a critical audience of peers, investors, venture capitals, business professionals and many others. Check out more about the event here.

3 Low-hanging Fruits in WordPress that Improve How Your Startup is Ranking in Google Searches
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