Getting a haircut redefined

Everyday tasks can range from stressful through annoying, all the up to time-consuming.  Many times we think innovation must arise from ground-breaking discoveries. Thus, we might forget to consider bringing innovation to life out of simple tasks we would like to have done by others.


This is the point where Hairpal addresses one of the everyday struggles – getting a haircut. When being busy at work, even this task, which could seem trivial, becomes more tedious and frustrating. Setting an appointment, getting to your hairdresser, and taking some time off work could be coming to an end.


Hairpal created a model which takes on these issues and tackles them by bringing the hairdressers to you. It is a simple system in which companies sign up for the service and are matched with the right hairdresser according to their needs. Employees having access to Hairpal’s booking platform arrange an appointment, and a professional and qualified hairdresser comes to your company.


The room inside of Rambøll, one of Hairpal’s customers, turned into a temporary hair salon.


For you, as a customer, Hairpal does not only take a lot of stress off your shoulders, saves you time, but it also mediates a quality service for highly competitive prices.

The company did not forget about the hairdressers, and it strives to provide them with liberty when it comes to working hours and prices as well as more stable life-work balance.


The turning point

Not so long ago, Hairpal identified a problem that getting hairdressers on board turned out to be slightly tricky. Therefore, the company altered its business model where the main focus shifted to larger companies which have got at least 1000 employees.


Rambøll building: Here, the company provides its services, but Rambøll is not the only big fish involved.


At the turn of 2019, the company has established a customer base of 17 firms, including names such as Google, ISS, KPMG and SEB.


Following this change, Hairpal moved even further in June 2019. The company successfully merged with Netcut, a Danish hair salon established in 2001 and led by Sussie Rejnhold, who also understood the problem of working people regarding haircuts.


This merger also had an impact on the hairdressers. The previous system where every 20% went to Hairpal and the rest to a hairdresser was replaced by taking 5000 DKK fixed fee per month regardless of the hairdresser’s total income.


Each of the hairdressers could do up to 1000 haircuts per month, and customers pay directly to them via Mobile Pay. This means a little bit less of responsibility for the company, and at the same time, it makes the whole process easier to handle.


Never stop improving

The company is currently working on building a calendar for hairdressers. The team of dedicated developers within the company is conducting this task. Moreover, they are working on improving the scheduling platform.


For the future, the company is also aiming to start selling hair products directly to customers as well as through the hairdressers. Although, the webshop will not be ready by Demo Day in September. Nevertheless, they are hoping it could be up and running by the end of the year.


At this point, Hairpal’s simple, and yet brilliant solution seems to be heading in the right direction according to its current state. The focus and work distribution aimed at customer sales, getting more and more hairdressers on board, and development, show that Hairpal might be looking toward the bright future of redefining haircut services as we know them.






Getting a haircut redefined
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