About the programme

Enabling focused startups to reach international growth

About the programme

About Go Grow

Go Grow is an accelerator at Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship, at Copenhagen Business School. 

Our aim is to enable focused startups to reach international growth. 

Go-Grow is an early-stage accelerator for companies with international growth potential. The accelerator is based in and developed by CSE in collaboration with several partners. 

Our mission

By enabling you to grow, we receive valuable information and knowledge about what facilitates international growth. It is our goal to share the experiences and learnings with the startup environment, partners and universities. All you have to focus on is international growth and in exchange we can collect the knowledge we need. That is why we do not ask any equity from you. 

What to expect

The programme is designed to help you make your business thrive and suited for international growth – through 7 months of collaboration with personal mentors, experts, CSE staff and other startups. 

You will attend monthly workshop sessions, take part in facilitated group works, go abroad to a targeted market and get a unique chance to continuously exchange ideas with a broader forum. 

The programme starts in February 2020 and will run for around 7 months until CBS Entrepreneurial Day in September 2020. Startup founders are not expected to spend full time during this period working on their startups, but must expect an increased workload. 

Alumni from Go Grow are expected to stay engaged. Alumni founders help to mentor founders during their time in Go Grow. And alumni become a support group for each other after exit and are engaged in network that also includes mentors and investors. 

Alumni from Go Grow are expected to stay engaged. Alumni founders are expected to coach applicants who make the pre-selection on how to handle the selection interview. Alumni founders help to mentor founders during their time in Go Grow. And alumni become a support group for each other after exit.

What do you get

  • Acceleration of process with a focus on the classic Business Disciplines as well as strategy, growth-hacking & pitching 
  • Mentoring by experts with international experience and expertise 
  • Possible leads in fundraising – exposure to business angels & VC’s  
  • In House experts and assistance, networking opportunities 
  • Help to build team 
  • Free office space for team 
  • Impact Business guidance – Assistance to see and explore the business opportunities and Risk elements within the Social Development Goals, Green Transition and Social Entrepreneurship.  

Participation in Go Grow is free of charge.

The CSE and the partners will not take any ownership stake in the participating companies. Mentors and advisors will sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to programme start. 

Who can join

The criteria we look at, in order to select Startups to join Go Grow, are based on the previous experiences from Go Grow, advice from investors & mentors and their criteria when evaluating Startups, and on an evaluation of selection criteria in benchmarked accelerators internationally.

We are looking for the following:

  • Startup companies with a more developed product already generating turnover or functional prototype being developed in (paid beta trials) collaboration with large customers. They are in main part focused on pushing these products onto the market to establish revenue sources, either with the long-term goal of liquidation via either acquisition by large corporations, Angel or VC investments, IPO or with an organically growth-oriented strategy. This means we are mainly looking for startups with the above characteristics, as opposed to early-stage entrepreneurs who are still developing their product and businesses.
  • Startup companies are invited to move to the CSE and ”live” in the accelerator for the duration of the program; as startups may not only be benefitting from the more ‘formal’ aspects (e.g. mentorship, networking, workshops), but also from the entrepreneurial culture and synergistic environment of their fellow startups.
    This means we are preferring startups that are willing to move to the CSE, or in some other way will have a team here.
  • Startups are expected to participate in the program, including both:
    A) The networking events (e.g. office hours/ dinners with mentors/ investors) organized for the startups to establish necessary connections,
    B) The overall business development, and
    C) The Demo Day, which is an opportunity for Startups to present their product to potential investors at the culmination of the program.
    This means we prefer Startups, who are prepared to commit to the programme.
  • We are a nonprofit Business Accelerator, as it is financed by CBS, in order to provide support services for international growth for student startups and technology development as well as stimulate industries in the long term, but also to collect and share knowledge of how to grow Danish startups internationally. This means we are looking for Startup companies that are accepting to participate in evaluation, interviews with the Go Grow management, engage in blogging about the process, and the experience at the CSE and the Go Grow programme.

Application process

The application process is conducted in three steps:

  1. You fill out the application form at the Go Grow website
  2. We screen the applications and select a number of applicants for a personal 5-minute pitch for our selection panel
  3. You pitch your business for the selection panel and may bring any visual aids. At the pitch, you will be questioned on Commercial, Technical, and Team related aspects.

Hints for your application

The Potential 

  • Is the product scalable?
  • What does it take to make it grow?
  • The geography
  • Who are the clients?
  • What is their “pain” or need?
  • The idea/big picture?
  • Is there any IP rights?

The Pipeline

  • How will they sell?
  • Where is the market?
  • What is the size of the market?
  • What is the turn over at the market?

The People

  • Their personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Their match as a team
  • Their ambitions, drive, energy, discrepancies, competences, limitations
  • Their attitude
  • Their cooperation

The Costs

  • Technology
  • Production
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Rent and others

Program Schedule

Knowledge, evaluation and learning experiences

Knowledge and learning experiences from Go Grow will be communicated on an ongoing basis online and at seminars and workshops. Experiences, evaluation and knowledge will be collected and used for cases in teaching and research on universities.

There is constant testing and refinement of the process, an example of this is the questions and the interview process used in the intake interviews against actual performance on exit from the program.

Learning methods in the process includes: real-life business cases, interactive plenary sessions, gamification, action learning groups, story telling, personal learning log, groups work in duos/triads, video, speed networking, individual coaching, peer coaching, e-learning, web-based solutions, group supervision, individual reflection and blogging.

Go Grow is inspired by the Action Learning Model and methods from the teaching in entrepreneurship on universities. Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE) have the best conditions for growing the next generations of startups reaching international and to explore and find concrete methods for international growth. CBS is among the top within entrepreneurship research in the world and has entrepreneurship as strategic commitment. CSE is today the largest entrepreneurship incubator in Denmark where we work together with both our own institution CBS, and DTU, KU as well as other universities to promote entrepreneurship.

Collaboration with The Danish Industry Foundation

Go Grow is happy to collaborate with The Danish Industry Foundation (Industriens Fond).


The Foundation is an engaged philanthropic foundation, which purpose is to support and enhance the competitiveness of the Danish industry.


Competitiveness is crucial to the future success of Danish companies. The industry and business communities are key elements to growth, prosperity and job creation. In collaboration with the scientific and educational institutions, these key elements can create, market and export innovative business concepts and technologies, which will make growth economically and environmentally viable.


The Danish Industry Foundation focuses on four drivers creating value and growth:


Knowledge: The Danish Industry Foundation develops and supports projects whose aim is to give companies the knowledge and tools that can help strengthen corporate competitiveness and add value.


Competences: The Danish Industry Foundation develops and supports projects that can help to ensure that companies will have access to labor with relevant educational background and furthermore will be able to attract, improve and retain the appropriate personnel.


Entrepreneurship & Innovation: The Danish Industry Foundation supports and develops projects that increase the desire and ability to start new businesses and realize the growth potential in them. The ability to see new opportunities and innovate in relation to products and processes is an area of great importance for Danish competitiveness.


Globalisation & Openness: The Danish Industry Foundation supports and develops projects that focus on increasing opportunities for companies to exploit the growth potential and meet the challenges of globalization, nationally and internationally.


Read more about The Danish Industry Foundation on www.industriensfond.dk


Want to know more about the collaboration between Go Grow and The Danish Industry Foundation? Learn more here www.industriensfond.dk/go-grow