An Inclusive Platform Built for the Future of Digital Learning

We believe that in order to understand the potential of our platform, you first have to understand the philosophy and history behind it.

In 2013 when digital learning was in its infancy, we asked ourselves a question: How can digital learning best be utilized to create better and smarter learning?

Our answer was Minlæring. A digital platform with the explicit purpose of giving students and teachers the tools to access the learning of languages in ways not previously possible, but without forgetting the fundamentals. In short, this means that the learning is based on digital grammar books, where the theoretical grammar is aided by educational videos, tools for aiding dyslexic students as well as various exercises. These have the dual purpose of making the students use what they have learned, and to help the teacher track the effectiveness of their teaching.

In order to ensure the quality of this platform, we have made it our mission statement to always put the requirements of the educators first. This is reflected in daily contact with teachers to listen to both praise and criticism, while trying to address both through the platform. Likewise, most of the materials used in Minlæring is designed by teachers.

This has enabled us to develop a truly inclusive digital platform that create the best possible conditions for learning. This is backed up by the participants which include over 150 participating gymnasiums all over Denmark. With this in mind, we feel that now is the right time to expand, both in Denmark and internationally. Our hope is that Go-Grow will enable us to take full advantage of these possibilities.

An Inclusive Platform Built for the Future of Digital Learning
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