Sustainable coffee

We take pride in creating a close relationship between Nicaraguan farmers and our customers here in Denmark. We are Rasmus and Andreas, and we are behind ØNSK. Our mission is really simple. We are working towards making more of the

Ready to Grow?

Looking for opportunities to develop and grow your startup? Your chance to do that might be just one click away! APPLY HERE to join the new batch of the Go Grow and Digital Growth Path Accelerator programme starting in November

Another successful Demo Day!

It’s a wrap for the 2018 Go Grow Accelerator Demo Day! On the 27th of September, the halls of Copenhagen Business School were filled with entrepreneurial minds sharing their knowledge and networking. But for the 15 Go Grow and Digital

The Startups are Back from Germany

“An exciting intro to Berlin as a start-up hub. [We’ve gained] good takeaways in terms of legal, accounting and investment advice (…) The beers were good too.” (Oliver Sørensen, CEO & Co-founder of  Drivi)   Once again the Go Grow

Demo Day

Demo day is just around the corner!   With CBS Entrepreneurial Day approaching, stakes are high for the 15 Go Grow and Digital Growth Path startups attending the event.  Demo Day, as part of the Entrepreneurial Day will take place