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It’s time to say welcome to the new 14 innovative and motivated startups joining the Go Grow programme and Digital Growth Path. Go Grow accepted a diverse batch with 6 new companies, while DGP welcomes 8 startups operating under the 4.0 industry.

The Go Grow Startup Accelerator is driven by mentorship, access to financing sources, to CSE and CBS extended network of entrepreneurs, business executives, experts and scholars, helping early stage startups from Denmark scaling their companies towards international growth. The new startups will experience four months of rigorous guidance, training and resources from mentors, partners and investors.


The new companies are up for an exciting start in the next month, starting with the kick off bootcamp mid-november, followed by pitch trainings and, of course, a lot of mingling and networking with new mentors and fellow Go Grow and DGP teams.


Give a warm welcome to the new startups!


Digital Grow Path batch #3

Develop Diverse  

Helps companies expand their talent pool and build a diverse workforce by providing them with an AI-based software tool to remove bias from their recruitment.


MM Technology

MM Technology is an industry 4.0 company that has developed and designed the Smart Interconnect Access Platform (SIA), which is a dynamic platform for industrial data collection and integration based on so-called apps and modules.


Sarita Care  

Sarita CareTech creates beyond state-of-art technology, that facilitates safe and carefree lifestyle of frail elderly and their caregivers



Building and selling an automatic and digital solution for paying patent annuities. They target patent agencies by offering a solution tailored to their needs.


DPO Advisor   

Have digitized the internal processes of a law firm, making GDOR-compliance easy, fast and cheap DPO Advisor is a Data Protection Management System.



Develops modular automation solutions, that allow chemical research to automate tasks that previously was performed manually.


SHIELD intelligence

Processes LinkedIn data at scale in real time to identify new strategic business opportunities for individuals, teams and enterprises.


Sense Analytics

Apply advanced data analytics and Machine Learning to existing data to extract new insights and drive profits.


Go Grow batch #7

Vinia Media Aps  

Makes creative content that make your business stand out from the competition. We focus on video, live streaming and photography.



Fights traditional food industry beauty standards by delivering ugly and surplus fruits and vegetables in form of a food box subscription to private consumers as well as supplying food businesses with GRIM produce.



Squarely’s high-quality, self-watering, wooden plant boxes help people and businesses to maintain plants. Made from up-cycled materials – reduce wasting of the resources.



A brand agency, which works together with creators and can offer to help them with everything from production to sales, so they can focus on product development.



CoCup let companies get exposure in exchange for a cup of coffee to a specified group of students/future job applicants. The distribution happens via an app which includes a token system that allows the coffee receiver to pick it up at a partner coffee shop of CoCup – and the receiver receives these coffee tokens along with an invitation to learn more about the happy coffee giver.


Copenhagen Charity Week  

A digital PR platform for NPO’s and combine the fashion industry’s yearly fashion week, with our version of a charity week.

DGP and Go Grow are very excited to have these 14 startups on board and foresee an amazing start for our new startups and a fruitful journey.

Back to Business!
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