Being digital in a tradition-bound and analogical industry.

Everybody loves sharing great stories, especially hunters. But great hunting stories don’t arise without hunts. Three tendencies are very interesting to follow in the next couple of years as I think it would change many parts of the hunting industry, but hopefully not the many good hunting experience and stories.


Urbanising, the increasing amount of people living in the cities. Within the next decades, the number of people living in the city will be two-thirds of the entire population (1), which is a 40% increase. Together with the increasing number of new hunters, who already are born and bred in cities, the majorities of the future hunters will be urbanites. How will that influence popular traditions?


The busy and career minded work life most of the people have nowadays, with calendars loaded with work, overtime work, career, being a great family, and engaging in a various branch of sports, do not leave much time to self-realization, which is also on the agenda. Therefore, most hunters require flexibility and on-demand hunting. How does that influence the hunting community?


Generation-digital has arrived. I don’t think I know a person without a Facebook account or at least a Smartphone. This innate ability to navigate in the digital universe and the increasing requirement for digital solutions doesn’t seem to be aligned with the traditional and analogical hunting industry. How does this influence the new generation of hunters and they way they are going hunting?


These tendencies and much more indicates a growing need for a digital platform that eases all the processes around the specific hunt and still encourages the traditional and analog hunting experience. Thus the remarkable stories would be kept alive. Therefore, JAGDER’s aims to build a community that continues helping hunters to find new great hunting experience and a place for sharing these histories. Thus they don’t fall into oblivion. JAGDER brings people back to nature.

(1) i-2050- vil-to- ud-af- tre-bo- i-byer

Being digital in a tradition-bound and analogical industry.
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