Breaking a non-transparent market

While meeting at a Barcelona student residence back in 2010, Mark Dencker and Thibaut Delarbre learned the hard way how difficult it is to build an internet company. Their first venture was a Vistaprint competitor named Designing Opportunities, which failed miserably! Everything was wrong; poor company name, even worse domain name, no designers or developers were willing to get on board, no backers, everything was an uphill battle. Failing at their first venture taught them how the tech industry worked from an outsider perspective. Being outsiders turned out to be a short-term weakness but a long-term strength. It enabled them to see the tech and outsourcing industry from a different angle, recognising two main issues; training and tracking.


The tech industry moves super fast, and to keep up with competitors you need to constantly adapt to the latest technologies. This is why training is crucial, it doesn’t matter if you have 20+ years of experience in the tech industry, you become a dinosaur within 2 years if you don’t acquire new skills. However, a general misconception in the industry is that training is enough, when really its only getting the job half done. Tracking performance and spot inefficiencies is key to build a continous feedback loop, which insures timely deliveries within budget. This feedback loop often defines whether a project eventually go big or go home. With both training and tracking working together, competitors will soon be left behind leaving yourself shooting for the moon!


Wiredelta is solving both problems by building in-house training institutes and custom time tracking apps. This gives the company access to a well-trained workforce as well as the ability to spot where things go wrong. Both works as the backbone of the company, and it has taken more than 2 years to set up. To build a business around this setup Wiredelta have to get clients on board, which is done by building two key features, launched during the GoGrow program:

  • Estimator: A tool on that allows visitors to generate a time and cost estimate for their web and mobile project, without any contact to a sales person! This is a big pain for anyone who wants to launch something online, normally left clueless about deliveries and cost. The engine behind the estimator builds on an iterative algorithm powered by the data collected from Wiredelta’s own time tracking apps, and with more projects completed every day the estimator only gets better! More on this in the next blog post.
  • Dashboard: Client area on where clients can log in and get a full overview of what is going on with their projects. The dashboard allows the client to see live who is working on what and when, which is only possible with strong training institutes operating behind the scenes! More on that in the third and final blog post.


Both the Estimator and Dashboard is being built throughout the GoGrow program. Wiredelta looks forward to get both user, client and advisor feedbacks on the tools built to make the outsourcing and tech industry completely transparent, enabling even more people to create something out of nothing!


Wiredelta is a web development agency located in Paris, Copenhagen, Mysore and Coimbatore and building web and mobile applications for high-growth companies. Feel free to reach out to us on

Breaking a non-transparent market
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