Bridging Human and Artificial Intelligent Web Development

Something that is easy to forget when things start taking off is that Wiredelta actually started out of another failed startup. Despite the hardship of a first failed venture, two major market issues were spotted. Firstly: startups can hardly afford highly skilled and expensive developers from the get-go. Secondly: better information regarding realization time and cost is required. Wiredelta was born in order to find solutions for these two common issues when building a website or app.

The original idea was to establish a “technical hub”. The intention was to connect qualified yet affordable developers with businesses (big or small) that needed to get online with a website or a mobile app. In order to do so, the Wiredelta Institute was created in India, where we trained and recruited top-level development teams from scratch. That was 5 years ago, since then the institute has been set up in other continents, such as here in Denmark where we train the new tech rockstars every day.

Building on top of the Institute, we established an agency to deeply understand how web agencies operate, the problems they face and how to build tools that help agencies do more with less. This is why we created our own time tracking tool, which eventually started being used by other agencies.

With over 500 websites created every minute, business opportunities looked rather promising. From the very beginning, all websites and apps ever built with Wiredelta have been in open source technologies and, many of these, in content management systems. At the time, they were becoming increasingly popular. Take WordPress as an example – now it’s powering over 27% of websites worldwide. Open source CMS provide you with a colossal and growing array of themes and plugins in order for you to create a customizable website. No wonder they are so attractive! The only cloud on the horizon is that you do require quite advanced technical skills to master them. On the other hand, people could also opt for user-friendly “Do-It-Yourself” website builders, such as Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and many others. But these were not totally satisfying either. Indeed, customization features were, and still are, strictly limited.

That’s when things really started to click. We saw a huge opportunity to bridge the gap between both solutions. Yep, you got it – we began mulling over a “Do-It-Yourself” website builder powered by open source CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Magento and more. To do so, we had two key differentiators:

  1. AI developer providing live support: Crunch all the questions and answers we have given clients in the past, and build AI chatbot assisting the users having the same questions.
  2. Custom development: Because our platform is building on top of open-source technologies, other agencies can help out clients with their custom requirements. In other words, Wiredelta went from being an agency to building a network of agencies, completing custom requirements for clients worldwide.

Artificial Intelligence Developer Providing Live Support

In the past years, phenomenal progress has been made within artificial intelligence. That said, machines have not yet reached an awareness level noteworthy of the human level. Nonetheless, breakthroughs within AI are increasingly interfering in our professional and personal lives. Examples are multiple: artificially intelligent attorneys in law, trading robots in market finance, Siri on iPhones, “Can I help you?” chatbots on numerous websites, smart homes, autonomous cars and much more. AI is disrupting every industry, including software.

The chatbot implemented in our platform aims to assist a customer in every step of the website building and customizing process. Let’s assume you work on your WordPress website. Our AI would help you pick a theme following your industry, point you towards the right plugins and answer any query you may ask when editing the website.

On paper, the idea seemed great but we were also aware that empowering such an AI would involve a lot of work. A chatbot being able to answer on everything related to CMS development implies anticipating a huge load of questions. An endless task of collecting data that still gets us to action every day. In addition, each customer is unique and each of them will, therefore, experience specific issues. How can our AI deal with this level of complexity is a daily challenge, but we are solving it. One intent at a time! Our chatbot is already active on Facebook Messenger so feel free to ask any question you may have.

We realized quickly when we started building the AI developer that we are hitting a megatrend. As time goes by, the underlying algorithms powering AIs are getting smarter and smarter with more and more data collected. Eventually, they will reach a level of autonomy that will enable them to learn without any supervision. Basically googling stuff by themselves! As a result, our chatbot would be answering questions for which he does not originally know the answer and, therefore, be able to establish personalized relationships.

The consequences for our business could be fantastic. The AI will be able to work with several clients simultaneously with simple requests, unloading overwhelmed human developers. Moreover, it will allow us to set a totally new and user-friendly knowledge management approach regarding CMS issues. Don’t know? No need to look anywhere, just ask. What’s the difference between that and a search engine you may wonder? Google will give you thousands of answers, we will give you one. The one you need to know.

Network of Agencies

Artificial intelligence is just one aspect of our platform. It does not matter how smart our AI is and will become, it will be hard for our baby Skynet (just kidding) to develop tailor-made digital products for our users. This is why we started thinking of broadening our spectrum. With many users operating on the platform, Wiredelta by itself would hardly be able to handle specific requests.

As the platform only handles websites and apps built in open source, any developer can access and build on it in order to offer custom solutions to users. Hence, we would need a network of top-level agencies interested in working for additional clients at our disposal. The Uber of website building, our partner agencies have joined us already. On the one hand, clients keen on developing a customized website in the most user-friendly way. On the other hand, web agencies and freelance developers eager to multiply their business opportunities. And in the middle: us, focusing exclusively on making the platform more performant and easy-to-use.

Before becoming a part of the network, agencies go through our specially designed screening process. They are being interviewed, tested and examined. We do not only take into account their technical skills and the massive number of projects completed, but also the way they are scoping projects, their development processes, the tools they use, and how they communicate internally as well as externally. Based on results of the screening process the rating of each agency is calculated, and this rating keeps being adjusted as users work with them leaving a rating for each job completed. This method helps us connect our users to the best specialists in the field.


Making this move from B2B to B2B2B is quite a big step. But thinking ahead of what the software industry will look like within 10 or 15 years time, it might just be the right one.

Software development is bound to become more accessible. A glance at the web development industry is eloquent as content management systems are turning out to be the one best way to have your site done. Soon, it might just be a matter of dragging and dropping components. And with programming languages generalizing themselves as standard courses at school, people will acquire sufficient knowledge to make small adjustments to the source code if needed. Yet, professional developers will still be necessary in order to write customized and high-quality software. For instance, basics of coding will never be enough to create top-notch security components, right?

By building a chatbot to assist users in web development as well as providing them with a network of 5-star web agencies, we are taking our shot at moving the needle in the right direction for the software industry. With a more efficient software industry will come more innovations within IT, and that is a good thing. So if you need any help on your website or app, hit us up at!

Bridging Human and Artificial Intelligent Web Development
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