Building Your Personal Brand Is The Best Thing You Can Do In 2019

From the ashes of GDPR: Your data belongs to you


Hi, Andreas Jonsson here.


I’m a digital adventurer and entrepreneur by heart. I run two companies and this is the story of how our tech startup SHIELD came to be, what we do and why you should build and nurture your personal brand in 2019.


Today more than ever, attention is the asset, data is the driver, technology the enabler and people the beneficiary.


People first


I believe that all business is between people. I also believe that people trust people, not brands. This makes employees more trustworthy than the companies they work for which creates an opportunity.


On that notion, we set out to empower individuals and companies to leverage the people factor and become data-driven in decision making to build stronger brands.


People today are their own personal brands more than ever. You being you and sharing it with the world creates opportunity — for yourself and for your employer.


By being an active contributor online you create leverage. You increase the probability of success on your journey. But you also create a deep track of data. Data, if processed and visualised conveniently, would enable you to do so much better. To reach your goals faster, knowing what works, when and how - at scale.


From the ashes of GDPR: Your data belong to you


SHIELD has risen in the wake of the recent GDPR regulations, in particular the Right to Data Portability (article 20). Here, we have identified an opportunity. With technology as an enabler, we bring people the opportunity to claim their data and make the best of it for themselves.


Currently, we focus on LinkedIn who notoriously are known for not giving their users access to much of the data they create, not even through their API. We believe this to be hindering for the success of the individual. Therefore, LinkedIn is where we begin.


We are currently in a closed beta with our product. We enable our users, through active consent, to automatically fetch their LinkedIn data and have it processed and visualised in meaningful ways by our software — all in real-time.


In pursuit of the product market fit


We have built strong relationships with industry leading companies, marketing agencies and influencers who test and contribute to the product development and to our contextual understanding.


This is particularly important since uncovering the tacit knowledge of working in the field is the key driver for a successful product. We need to understand what is happening and how people are operating today, in order to accommodate their needs, and alleviate them from manual, redundant processes to bring added prosperity and efficiency into their marketing practice.


SHIELD is currently a LinkedIn statistics and analytics tool with numerous contextual applications. And that’s what we’re figuring out.


The infamous product market fit has not been firmly established at this point but strong indications have been identified through pilot projects, organic inbound demand, market research and plenty of conversations with professionals working in the field of Social Media, LinkedIn, Employee Advocacy, social selling, brand ambassadorship and the like.


Through these partnerships and pilot projects we continuously seek to validate our assumptions in the market — first to build the right thing, then to build it right.


To sum everything up we take tremendous pride in empowering people to evoke their Right to Data Portability, to claim their data and to improve their own lives. We envision a world where the data we create is ours to immediately take with us, process and make sense of. And that’s the world we are trying to shape with SHIELD.


Claim your data, make sense of it and drive your personal brand to new heights and unlock opportunities for growth in the areas you choose - be an active contributor, be thoughtful and empathetic,  and always seek to give value while expecting nothing in return.


If you made it this far, thank you. I hope you got something out of it. I know I did, just by writing it. So thanks again.


I would love to hear what you think so please leave a comment or get in touch!


All the best ?,

Andreas Jonsson



If you want to learn more about who we are and what we do, please do not hesitate to get in touch on or

Building Your Personal Brand Is The Best Thing You Can Do In 2019
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