Go Grow goes German

Our current Go Grow startups are about to graduate, but what would scaling and going global be without actually going global? Hence, we invited our startups to join us on an exciting and well-deserved 5-day Market Visit to Germany – a promising market for our current batch.


Besides experiencing some full-on German culture (including of course Döner Kebab, Bratwurst and some delicious well-brewed beer), the startups got to design their very own „Entry Roadmap to Germany“ throughout the week by gaining practical insights from various company visits, expert advice from mentors and topic-specific speakers, spot-on experience in the Berlin startup-scene and much much more.


Our first stop took us to Berlin Partner – from companies at all stages to research institution and investors, Berlin Partner is an address to visit when wanting to deep dive into the Berlin ecosystem and further. We got first insights on how to set a foot into the German market and what the German market is all about in general.


With these first ideas at hand, we continued our journey to the popular and well-known co-working space betahaus and the startups started to create their very own Entry Roadmap with the help of experienced mentors and serial entrepreneurs from Germany. With this, the startups sharpened their idea on “How to go German” and tackled questions such as how to brand and market the German way, how to deal with the German legal system and how to boost sales.


However, expanding to another country isn’t just about making a plan but about going out there and making first important contacts with potential partners, customers, and other crucial players within the target ecosystem. Hence, the startups broadened their German network and visited a variety of interesting players within the German (startup) ecosystem. From co-working spaces such as WeWork to legal advice from the largest European E-commerce advisor, insights into the German recruiting market from Campusjäger, hints on the best places and people to know in Berlin from Startup Guide and crucial tax and accounting support from KPMG (key take-away here: don’t mess with the German tax-system and bureaucracy ;)) – our startups boosted their amount of business cards and LinkedIn connections and even more important: enthused first interested partners and clients of their startups!


​“We ​got a good understanding of the market, the first leads, and such a good time hanging out with the other startups in an intense week with focus on nothing else but our business.” Mads Kjer from Ticketbutler


Now, after a full week of insights into the German (startup) ecosystem, the startups don’t only have a 360°-view of how to make the first step into Germany, but also expanded their network to a high degree and had the possibility to meet and greet relevant companies and possible partners for their future plans made in Germany.


Go Grow goes German
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