Security in every transfer

Even the most secure connections can be compromised, and also the most well-protected networks can be penetrated, resulting in information leaks and significant financial losses.   The fail-safe solution is to physically separate high-security networks from low-security networks. While this

Traceability solutions for plastic manufacturers

Plastic parts are made for many different purposes and come from thousands of sources, and yet, generally, they carry no information to clarify what they are for or where they came from. This gap in traceability causes problems everywhere, and

Getting a haircut redefined

Everyday tasks can range from stressful through annoying, all the up to time-consuming.  Many times we think innovation must arise from ground-breaking discoveries. Thus, we might forget to consider bringing innovation to life out of simple tasks we would like

Greener streets and repurposing waste as the inspiration for a Danish Startup

Green but not faultlessly green: Copenhagen is considered to be one of the greenest cities in the world. This is no surprise since 25% of its total area consists of parks and lakes, 62% of the city population cycles, and

Back from the UK

It was a busy and exciting schedule for Radisurf and DPOAdvisor. But everything that’s good unfortunately comes to an end. And as for the Go Grow’s trip to the UK this is no different. On Friday the 8th, two of our

Eyes On The Prize

14 startups. 3 minutes. One pitch. This is the scene for Demo Day, coming up on the 19th of march. At the event, the Digital Growth Path and Go Grow companies will be pitching their business concept to a critical

Bootstrapping like a pro

The founders of Sarita CareTech started working on the project at the university, and later moved into a free office space – a small room in a building filled by creative companies called Studentervæksthuset Aarhus, offered to the young entrepreneurs by

Where is Go Grow going?

Go Grow is going abroad again for our next Foreign Market Visit. This time, two of our startups have decided to embark on an exciting opportunity to dive deep into a new market and get some valuable local insights.  

Building Your Personal Brand Is The Best Thing You Can Do In 2019

From the ashes of GDPR: Your data belongs to you   Hi, Andreas Jonsson here.   I’m a digital adventurer and entrepreneur by heart. I run two companies and this is the story of how our tech startup SHIELD came

Demo Day Preparations Are On

On the 19th of march, 14 startups will be giving their all in front of a critical audience of business professionals, investors, students, aspiring entrepreneurs, friends and family. In a series of 3 minute pitches, the pressure is on for