Christian Olufsen

Working full time as angel investor in tech startups, Christian brings expertise from the startup world into his mentorship. Christian has the investor perspective for a startup as an active business angel. Besides this, he also has experience with cybersecurity specifically protection of electronic networks, threats upon these networks and he has knowledge about vulnerabilities and treatment of sensitive data in cyberspace.

Christian also has knowledge about the dynamics in sharing economy and knowledge about the rules and regulations for an electronic platform in shared economies. Whether he is on the board of directors, advisory board he is actively contributing to both strategic and tactical issues in the companies he invests in. Examples are; sharing economy platform for boats, adaptive e-learning platform, AI within digital marketing and safety software for drones.

Within leadership, Christian also has practical experience and educational experience within leadership, recruitment, motivation and retention of employees.

From his senior management years in an agency assigned to the Ministry of Defence and financial years in Mærsk Oil, he also brings in expertise from both the public and private sectors. Furthermore he has mentor qualifications in understanding the economic requirements for a startup, including relevant financial KPI’s. He also has experience as a board member in startups, and how to manage a board and its role.

“Not least, I contribute to my startups – and my mentees – by playing the “devils advocate”. To turn both the little and the big stones on the road can be somewhat crucial when experience is lacking and technology is brand new. I am a very curious person by nature and a happy helper” – Christian Olufsen

This is his second year as mentor at Go Grow / Digital Growth Path

Christian Olufsen
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