Collecting the opinions of the world

getQueried is a social opinion platform enabling anyone to ask questions and get answers from a large group of people. Whether it’s what price you should charge for your product, or which pair of glasses that suits you better, our users will answer your questions and deliver you the insights so that you can make the right decisions.

People love asking and answering questions! On getQueried users answer questions from companies and other users in order to voice their opinions. Users are able to see the results and win prizes once they have provided their answer. Queries are never longer than 10 questions and users can choose to be anonymous.

In 2016, we tested our app in Denmark with the aim of building a fun and entertaining community platform for our users. Five thousand users answered questions on the app throughout the year and we came far in terms of understanding their needs and wishes. We also had the fortune of testing our polling service with companies such as Danske Bank that used our website to query our young users about their perceptions of Mobile Pay and other Danske Bank services.

Prior to this preparatory work, we feel well prepared to take getQueried international in 2017. This is going to be a very exciting and challenging move for us, and therefore we are very happy to be part of the Go-Grow spring batch 2017. In Go-Grow, we hope to achieve better product-market-fit and improve our understanding of what it takes to take a service to market and scale a service internationally.

Collecting the opinions of the world
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