Demo Day

14 startups pitch for investors and prizes

Demo Day

Go Grow & Digital Growth Path Demo Day 2019

Get ready for 14 startup pitches!


The Go Grow accelerator and Digital Growth Path is hosting another exciting Demo Day, this time for our 7th batch!


During the Demo Day, 14 Go Grow companies will demonstrate their startups by pitching their business concept and traction. With only 3 minutes to pitch each, they’ll have to weigh their words wisely and keep their nerves steady to communicate efficiently. With four months of intense work on growing their startups and training their pitch in the Go Grow acceleration programme and Digital Growth Path, you can expect the 14 startups to give their all!


Demo day is geared towards business angels and venture capitals, who are curious to find interesting business opportunities – but we will also be welcoming business professionals who are interested in the entrepreneurial scene, students, aspiring entrepreneurs and friends and family of the 14 startups.


The participating investors are invited to our investor lounge after the pitches, where you’ll get exclusive time with the startups. Here you’ll get the opportunity to chat with the startups and the other investors, while getting a glass of wine and canapés. Make sure to get the investor ticket at the bottom of the page.



When: March 19th at 16h.

Where: SP202 Auditorium. Solbjerg Plads 3, 2000 Frederiksberg



15:45 – Arrival

16:00 – Welcome speech

16:10 – Pitches

17:15 – Judges and Audience choose price winners

17:30 – Award ceremony

18:00 – Investor Lounge. Reception w. canapés & drinks.


Meet our startups


VINIA Media – makes film productions using a content marketing strategy to make unusual, funny and creative marketing content.


GRIM – do you mind ugly fruit and vegetables? GRIM has made a business out of selling ugly vegetables to lower food waste and save business and consumers money.


Squarely – is selling sustainable plant boxes in minimalistic, nordic design. And they are self-watering so your plants don’t tragically die.


The Creators Rep – is a brand agency, that helps creators to solely create, while they take care of administrative tasks, production and selling depending on the creators’ needs.


COCUP – has made a business out of the coffee chat by linking companies and ambitious students through an app.


Copenhagen Charity Week – is bridging between fashion industry and non-profit organisations by focusing on sustainability and social impact.


Develop Diverse – will make sure businesses gets the most talented candidates for the job by creating unbiased job postings through AI.


MMTEC – has created the SIA, a platform for linking systems and thereby enabling easy data access.


Sarita – has made a product where care for seniors is based on intuitive solutions, uniquely adapted for the users and their caregivers. In order to facilitate an independent life for seniors without compromising safety.


Sense Analytics – helps water utility companies to spot water leakages fast through their online platform.


Company42 – is a web‐based patent renewal platform that automatically handles renewal payments based on your or your clients’ instructions on the platform.


DPO Advisor – has made GDPR easy to comply with by creating a GDPR tool, so companies can focus on what really matters.


INNITI – by automatising processes in chemical experiments researchers have more time to innovate with INNITIS tools.


Shield Intelligence is making raw Linkedin data into key statistics and insights and thereby enabling companies and individuals to identify business opportunities.



Investor tickets: Choose this ticket if you’re an investor or business professional.

Standard ticket: Choose this ticket if you’re friends, family or a student participating in the event.



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