Scaling Emerging Tech Companies Beyond Denmark

Insights from the Danish Startup Eco System

Scaling Emerging Tech Companies Beyond Denmark

How can the Danish startup eco-system support digital startups to go international?

A Digital Growth Path (DGP) Conference sponsored by Copenhagen School of Entreprenership in Collaboration with the Danish Industry Foundation

Dear Startup Eco-system Partners!
On December 5th, Copenhagen School of Entreprenership will host an inspiring half-day conference for all of you in the Danish startup eco-system.
The conference wraps up a 2½ year project sponsored by Danish Industri Foundation and CBS.
The project supported digital emerging tech startups within IoT, AI, robotics, VR/AR, nano, and digital workflow to grow their businesses and prepare for internationalization.


Incubators, accelerators, investors, mentors, educational institutions, industry, public sector and others.

Join us for some great startup stories, share your own insights with the discussion panel and build your eco-system network!




Date: 5/12-2019
Location: CBS, Kilen, Kilevej 14 A/B, Room s43, 2000 Frederiksberg



  • 08.30: Arrival + welcome
  • 09.00: Nikolaj Malchow-Møller, CBS President: Why “Entrepreneurship” at CBS?
  • 09.10: Thomas Hofman-Bang, CEO of Danish Industry Foundation : Why focus on Digital startups?
  • 09.20: Claus Birkedal, DGP Project Manager: Key findings from 4 DGP batches
  • 09.35: Frederik Kehler, CEO of 21Risk: Getting the first customer (Arla) + foreign market investigations
  • 09.50: Lise Pape, Founder & CEO of Walk-With-Path: EU, US and Canada
  • 10.05: Lena Marijke Wenzel & Cristina Meléndez, DGP Project Coordinators: GoGrowww – The Online Accelerator
  • 10.20: Kåre Rude Andersen, LegalTech Denmark: Learnings from UK visit
  • 10.35: Copenhagen Trackers, CEO, Sales & Development of Christian Olesen: Opportunities in Germany
  • 10.50: PAUSE
  • 11.00: Panel Discussion: How can the private and public sector support digital startups for internationalization?
  • 12.00 – 13.30: Lunch / Networking



  • Andreas Aasted Gjede, Director at Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship
  • Jes Broeng, Director and Professor of DTU Entrepreneurship and Board Member af Preceed Ventures
  • Esben Gadsbøll, Partner in Nordic Makers, Co-founder of and TechBBQ
  • Lasse Sørensen, Senior Business Consultant at Copenhagen Business Hub
  • Lisa Pape, Founder & CEO of Walk With Path
  • Anja Skadkær Grue, Project Manager at DI – Tech that Matters

Moderator: TBA