Four Months As Entrepreneurs

Four months as entrepreneurs 

Sense Analytics was founded in September 2018, growing from the idea that many companies, particularly ones relying much on manual labour, have a large amount of data available, yet often no way of effectively utilising the data. We are four founders behind the company, and have all experienced and heard about companies, with a huge amount of data that is just lying around without being used optimally.


So where have we gone in 4 months?

In September we started working from the kitchen in a small apartment in Nørrebro. In November we were accepted into the Digital Growth Path Accelerator at CSE. Providing office space, workshops, mentors and a vibrate startup environment with many like-minded people, this has proven to be invaluable. Soon after, we launched the MVP of our first product. An online platform, that helps water utilities discover new leak occurrences faster, saving both money and water. In December we closed our first sale, secured offices for a year, received a 220.000 DKK grant from InnoBooster and arranged for two software developers to be joining us at the end of January. Our travel as entrepreneurs have only just begun, and we are super excited to be sharing it with all the great people at CSE.


Get in touch!

We will soon be looking to expand the team even more, so get in touch and let’s talk! Send an e-mail to or reach out to Mathias Stephensen on LinkedIn.


Four Months As Entrepreneurs
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