From Tech-Nerd to Start-Up

When 4TECH was invited to join the Digital Growth Path at CSE I didn’t have a budget, a business plan or even a time schedule. The project was just a technical project that had attracted some attention in the robot community. Soon it became clear to me that I had to understand the business world and the Go Grow sessions were a steep learning curve.


In Spring 2018 EU opened a call for robot projects under the Horizon 2020 program. In this “RobotUnion” accelerator program startup projects could receive up to €223,000 funding. I took the chance and applied for funding from this program. The application process forced me to develop a business plan and a detailed description of my project. It ended out that 204 startups projects applied and the 44 best were invited to pitch for a jury in San Sebastian mid-September2018. To my surprise I was selected! All the pitch training at CBS suddenly became very relevant for my chances at the Jury Day in Spain.

At the event in San Sebastian we pitched for two set of judges the first day, and 28 startups were selected to pitch again for the next two juries on day two. I did my best to present my project and its “one man” team. I was happy when I was selected to pitch again on day two. The competition was tough and by the end of the day my “one man army” was not enough to compete against the strong teams that presented some very interesting projects.


It was very interesting to join this high profiled startup competition and I was very proud to place among the 28 best robot startups in Europe. This shows how the Go Grow program in a few months can lift technical inventions to the top of startups in Europe.


Henning Forbech, 4TECH Robotics Aps

From Tech-Nerd to Start-Up
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