GGWWW - The Online Accelerator

Welcome to GGWWW!

Are you an entrepreneur who wants a crash course on how to build and scale your startup? Or are you simply interested in startups and want to dip into the world of entrepreneurship?


The Go Growww Online Accelerator is an online learning programme used at Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE). It is designed as a blueprint for starting and scaling a startup. Hence, the courses within Go Growww give you a crash course on the most important topics you need to consider when founding and scaling a startup:


  1. Strategic Business Modeling
  2. Branding, Marketing & Sales
  3. Leadership & Management
  4. Funding & Legal Aspects
  5. Pitching
  6. Going International


Each course consists of a range of short and inspiring videos, brief articles and exercises that support you on your journey. The videos feature some of our startups and industry-experts who want to share their knowledge and experience with you.


Taking this programme, you will receive a great overview on what it takes to found and scale a startup in Denmark and abroad. Thus, this programme isn’t meant to be a recipe for the perfect startup – it’s a guide for those who want to excel in the basics and want to understand where to go from there.

Having a bunch of experts in their field and successful startup cases included, Go Growww gives you the same insights that have already helped founders at CSE create and scale their companies. Let’s do the same for you!


Check our intro video, or log in to the accelerator here.