Go Grow Companies in New York – The Lemonsqueeze Experience

The learning curve is steep, but exciting, for the 6 founders participating in a US Entry Bootcamp, at Lemonsqueeze in Brooklyn, aimed at ”preparing for a successful launch in the US”

Where Silicon Valley is focused on trends like drones, blockchain and deeplinks, the New York startup scene is broader; tech is just one of several big industries, including finance, fashion and media, which gives startup founders a variety of resources to draw on. The scene is lively, vibrant, and the growth in investments, number of investors, VCs, angels, accelerators, startup organizations makes New York very welcoming. This is what brought the founders, with companies within edutech, tech, Danish design and travel agency, to enroll in an action-packed US Entry Bootcamp in New York in freezing february, instead of the sunny valley. The 4-day US-entry camp is organized by Danish early-stage accelerator programme Go Grow, in cooperation with Brooklyn incubator and accelerator Lemonsqueeze, to get a firsthand impression of what it takes to launch in the US.


“This workcamp has been mind-blowing in so many ways, and will take our company Design by Witt to the next level, says founder Martin Witt. He adds; the line up of speakers has been the rockstars of the NYC startup scene! How do you enter new markets? How do you streamline your customer relations? How do you brand and market your company? Does and dont´s in fundraising! These are just some of the subjects we have been working with, as well as being set up with potential business leads! We are just so happy and grateful for this Bootcamp – Thanks again to Go Grow and Lemonsqueeze.

Besides the insights into what it actually takes to launch in the US, the founders are being submerged into the New York startup scene: working with the incubator and accelerator Lemonsqueeze, the-co-host of the Bootcamp, which just got listed as the-43-hottest-startup-in –NYC, visit with Director of Technology and Design Outreach at Kickstarter; Julio Terra, OnFrontiers, meeting Co-Founder & CEO of Knotch Inc; Anda Gansca, Founder of Taylr; Christopher Danner, Founder of Expectful; Mark Krassner, Norwegian startup Bakeri on Brooklyn, pitching to Young American Capital, and many more, coming away with a changed outlook on what it means to be an entrepreneur and how important it is that you are networked, when you are looking to transition into a new industry, and how you have to get out there and mingle.

”As Born Globals, it is essential for us to get to know the customers, even if it means that you have to play ball in Brooklyn or similiar. At the same time it is important to find relevant scientific partners outside Denmark, not least for marketing purposes”, says Thor Groenlykke, founder of Groenlykke Medicals.

For the founders of the learning platform CanopyLAB.com; Sahra-Josephine Hjorth and Christian Skræm Jensen, the hassles and troubles related to scaling internationally, or on the US market, seem somewhat troubling. Launching their startup in the US might represent quite an opportunity for the Danish edutech startup, but the hurdles that they might face, if going ahead with this big decision, seem a bit overwhelming. To help the participating companies; CanopyLAB, HMAINZ Jewelry, Design By Witt, TryMedics, Groenlykke Medicals, resolve some of the confusion, and gain some experience, that may be helpful in preparing a launch in the US or elsewhere, Go Grow decided to organize the US launch bootcamp in New York for the founders in Go Grow.

Founder of TryMedics: Oliver Andersen, sums it up; the days at Lemonsqueeze have opened my eyes to a whole new level of entrepreneurship which has been extremely inspiring and motivating. Definitely the right place to be and it is a privileged to have met the people Mik from LemonSqueeze and Go Grow planned for us!

Go Grow Companies in New York – The Lemonsqueeze Experience
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