Go Grow Kickoff 2017

The time has come where the startups that have been selected for the fourth found of the Go Grow Startup Accelerator, spring 2017 get a kickstart into the programme. This years Go Grow programme was kickstarted with a an introduction day for the mentors, and a two day bootcamp for the startups, wrapped up with a mentor match & reception.

The initial kickoff took place on the 23rd of January with a preliminary mentor session. In this meeting the mentors were introduced to Go Grow startups and the programme. Furthermore the mentors attended a workshop facilitated by Mogens Petersen & Franz Søes-Cybulski on “The Role of the Mentor.” All of this preparing the mentors for the official Mentor Match on the 25th of January, where the startups and mentors would meet each other.
On Tuesday the 24th of January, the second day of the kickoff all the Go Grow startupswere welcomed and had an opportunity to meet each other and present their company among their peers. Among the many things that were discussed the startups had a workshop on how you are “A Great Leader” facilitated by Liva Echwald-Tijsen with Træd Frem. In the bootcamp the startups also met Mogens Petersen & Franz Søes-Cybulski who talked about “The Profile of The Entrepreneur.” The bootcamp sessions aimed at giving the startups a perspective on what type of leaders & personalities they were and how they could use this information for their cooperation with each other and their future collaboration with the mentors.

On Wednesday the 25th, the last day of the bootcamp the startups had to pitch their company for the mentors in order to bring startups and mentors closer together. The aim for the pitch and mentor matching is to connect the mentors with startups.

We are extremely excited about the new batch, the partnership with the mentors and the overall programme, so now we can finally go ahead and let the startups grow!

Remember to keep an eye on the blog for the latest news from the different startups and regular updates!

Go Grow Kickoff 2017
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