Go Grow Startups crossing borders, once again!

 We got a good understanding of the market, the first leads, and such a good time hanging out with the other startups in an intense week with focus on nothing else but our business.” – Mads Kjer from Ticketbutler


Going abroad

With the great feedback we got from the batch last year on the Germany market visit, we just had to plan another trip. It’s a core value in the Go Grow program to support the startups on their endeavors to conquer the world, or maybe to begin with just sneak-peaking on their options in a new market.


This year we chose to bring, yet again, six startups to the capital of Germany. Being the largest country and market of Europe, it seemed like an obvious choice. So what do we have planned? First of all, we’ve jam-packed a few days during the week with an intense schedule for the startups. We will visit local entrepreneurs, businesses, incubators, legal advisors, investors, PR agencies and accounting firms.


Connecting with the local

Making them connect with local entrepreneurs who are creating their own businesses in Germany, they will be provided with great background knowledge about the German market. Who know the German market better than the Germans entrepreneurs, right?


By visiting incubators and investors we expect the startups to create new, valuable cross-national relations. And with the support from The Danish Industry Foundation we’re very excited to give the startups a trip, that will broaden the startups views and broaden their opportunities for connecting cross-border. The six startups are a mix of Go Growers and startups from the vertical Digital Growth Path. In the hands of Claus Birkedal, Project manager for the Digital Growth Path, the startups are ensured an intense schedule destined to inspire!


Stay tuned for next update… coming directly from Germany!

Go Grow Startups crossing borders, once again!
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