Go-To-Markets Workshop. Stay Focused!

Our startups just keep on learning. Having perfected their pitch, hence having improved their ability to get their great innovative ideas ‘out there’, the next question that begs is: “who, what and where is ‘out there’, and how do we reach them”?

To answer this question we have been lucky enough to get Nicolaj Højer to come make us a lot smarter in the area. Nicolaj is himself an entrepreneur, author, business angel, and external lecturer at CBS, and he is one of the most knowledgeable people in the area of go-to-markets that we know of. He will help the startups by making sure that they know exactly to whom, to which – and how to enter a market in order for them to keep on growing!

Update 12.30

And after lunch, the start-ups welcomed IBM’s Patrick Halford. History time now – how the world is changing and how can we keep up with it. A deeper look on the evolution of technology can help them to survive and develop on the market. Special focus on robotic and Finland. In the end, the start-ups briefly pitch their business to the entrepreneur, who successfully visualize an interesting relationship between our start-ups and Finland.


Update 15.00

And what about China? It is a trendy subject for everyone – even for the start-ups which are not interesting in expanding to it. From the irregular laws to the strict video security, the afternoon was all about how to prepare and work with this country.

Go-To-Markets Workshop. Stay Focused!
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