Greetings from Germany!

Written by Claus Birkedal, project manager of Digital Growth Path

Greetings from Germany!

Picture from Ernst&Young



We are half way through the foreign market visit and had some intense first three days with 12 activities / meetings scattered all around the city.


Sunday started out with teaming up in the middle of Berlin to coordinate the week together


Monday gave an overview of Berlin as a city to do business in, provided by Berlin Partner. Later in the day, we went to Technische Universität BERLIN – Centre of Entrepreneurship to learn their approach to helping startups in Germany grow.


Tuesday included four visits, starting off with one-on-one input from a partner in KPMG, going through distribution-, licensing- and agency agreements with a top recognized partner from VC legal advicor v14, to an overview of Germany’s investment scene from Managing Director of government owned investment bank IBB , and finally finishing off with pitching, mingling and BBQ with German startups and Deputy Head at Profound Innovation at Freie University.


Picture from visit at Ernst & Young



Wednesday was an evenly intensive day with 5 visits on the agenda, was initiated with company specific input to PR by Unit Director – Technology at well-recognized Piaobo PR Agency. After that we rushed off to visit one of the largest co-working spaces / networking organizations. There we were introduced to FactoryBerlin‘s society of startups and corporate partners working together for growth and development. Leaving from there, and with a sharp focus on time, we reached Ernst&Young‘s office with a great city view. Partner and head of EY Startup Initiative and EYs “pitch doctor” introduced us to insights of German startup trends, EY’s offerings and their recommendations of effective pitching. Second last visit of the day was a tour-of-the-house by Community Manager at the most impressive WeWork Sony Center. Great view and free afternoon beer for the tenants and visitors!


Finishing off the day, the group went to have dinner at Gerichtslaube, which is a restaurant situated at an old Townhall building from year 1270.

The architects and builders of the building would never have imagined that almost 750 years later, 6 great startups from Denmark with digital solutions, nano-tech adhesives, robotics, and mid-America coffee imports would be sitting enjoying huge schnitzels and a steady flow of beer alongside the bricks they have laid.


Remaining for the visit are two days of individual activities and joining a StartupNight Friday evening with 5000 particpants, 250 startups exhibiting!


Sounds as a great market visit program? We say UNMATCHED!

Greetings from Germany!
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