How it all started

Rain – such a beautiful phenomenon that gives life to the Earth – that makes it possible for every single creature to breathe, live and flourish.


However, rain has been taken for granted in Scandinavia. In our everyday life it is so seldom we hear anyone appreciating the rain and what it really has given to us.


In our busy urban life rain has become a challenge, it has become something that we relate to pain, sadness, irritation etc. We rarely feel motivated, happy or comfortable in the rain, and as it is now, we are forced to compromise our looks and feeling when a rainy day suddenly occurs. We might be forced to wear a piece of plastic, which is uncomfortable in every way. This is something that MOOD Copenhagen wants to change. We want to challenge the status quo. Rain should not be associated with irritation or pain but rather something beautiful, which is and can exist as a beautiful and giving heritage from the nature’s side in our urban lives.


We have spent all working hours to design that special raincoat that justifies the style and elegance for the person that you really are and should feel like you are. The thoughts that really triggered our adventure was that we often experienced waking up in the morning to disappointedly find a gray weather. What should I wear in a situation like this? Should I put on my nice stylish jacket or the clumsy rubber rain jacket hanging in the dark corner of my closet? We did not want anyone to feel like that anymore! Life is too short to compromise. Thus we have started MOOD Copenhagen. We studied the minimalistic yet personal style preference of Scandinavians that is so simple and yet sparkles such a unique elegance of Scandinavia. Thus, MOOD Copenhagen is simple and our invention is simple – we tailor your favorite jacket with a rainproof service, enabling you to live your urban life to the fullest.


Rain – such a beautiful phenomenon, and we shall breathe, live and flourish.


Dan-Lin Chen

How it all started
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