How to be productive

As for any startup, it quite important, that HPLabs achieve many things, with least resources and in least possible time.
So how it is possible ?  Yes, you guessed it right, by being productive. Being productive is not so easy, as you might have experienced, some days are so productive, while some other days are not so productive. It happens, that some days you are really fresh, physically fit and you slept well at night, so next you are productive. But some days, you are not so productive….did you realize why it is so?

Yes, we are eating healthy, we are doing physical exercise and we are trying to sleep well, but some days are still same, nothing works out or not so productive.
Anxiety or Stress, is an issue, which we have to deal on daily basis, because of pressing deadlines or investor meeting, or potential customer meeting or it could be deadline for funding application. We normally don’t realize that stress makes us unproductive. That is exactly what HPLabs is doing, we solve this problem, by giving you tools to keep a tap on your anxiety/stress level and by having stress under control, one can stay productive all the time.

Check it out our website, and if you want to have access to our app in beta, register your email on the website.

How to be productive
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