How to find a co-founder for your startup

Hi, my name is Christoffer Clausen and I’m the founder of the online parkour shop For the past 2 months I’ve been looking for a co-founder and today I’m working on getting the last formalities into the contract with the new co-founder. Thus I decided to share my experience and in the following I will take you through the process of finding a co-founder.

The process of finding a co-founder

When I first got the idea of creating an e-commerce 4 years ago I wanted to find a co-founder who could help me realize my idea of Lachette. However, as it is quite a time consuming process and time was at that time a limited resource I quickly decided to try out alone until I would suddenly stump into the right person.

When you just stumble into the right person…

In 2012 I met a parkour practitioner named Jakob Lønskov who was really supportive about Lachette and after 6 months of friendship we decided to make a partnership. The partnership went very well as we already knew from the beginning each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Shortly after Jakob was accepted into his studies at Aalborg University so we decided to change the terms of the partnership from an operational level to a strategic level as Jakob couldn’t master the business from his part of the country. As an investment partner Jakob helped me out with strategic considerations and funding to finance our second production. Jakob’s still taking part in a few side projects of Lachette and having him as a mentor and strategic partner has been a great success for sure.

Today it’s been almost 4 years ago since I founded Lachette and in the end of 2014 I reached a point where I felt that I could no longer grow the company according to my dreams“alone”. Therefore, in the beginning of 2015 I decided to start fishing for an operational co-founder with expertise in e-commerce who could help me take the company to the next level.

After having taken the decision of getting a co-founder in I decided to set up a meeting with at least one potential candidate pr. Week. The first thing I did was to make a list and contact 3 people from my network who either possessed the skills themselves or possibly knew the right person. Shortly after I went to see my old mate Mads-Emil from Trunkbird, pitched my needs and boom! He hooked me up with a friend of his. Two days after I was introduced to his friend Simon on Facebook and before I knew I had 2 meet-ups within the following week and 1 in the week after.

The first meeting was with Simon who knew everything about digital marketing on an operational as well as strategic perspective.  To my great luck, it happened to be a really good match and after having spoken with Simon’s former colleagues we decided to start the partnership immediately and get the contract ready to sign. Simon already started working on his part and I’m looking forward to a great future collaboration.

As a side note I also met up with the two other potential co-founders and even though there was no match I got some really great advices on the site. So if you’re looking for a co-founder I can also advise you to speak with as many different candidates as possible as you will learn something from each interview.

Go get that partner!
Along the way I’ve had interns as well as employees working for the company and during these periods I’ve experienced that it has boosted the business. I am therefore keen to see where this new partnership can take us. Based on my former experience I can only advise you to find the right team with the right expertise if you really want to scale your business.




Christoffer Clausen

How to find a co-founder for your startup
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