How to Grow Veggies and a Business

You know that apples grow on trees… But did you know that GRIM has grown out of the realization that on average, in Denmark one third of produce grown never make it to the consumers but goes to waste unharvested and shortly after it is harvested? The founders of GRIM, Petra Kaukua and Carolin Schiemer, have made it their mission to create a new standard for what is edible: Think crooked cucumbers, carrot-pants and discolored peppers; think delicious, organic, seasonal and local produce. And think sustainable, both environmentally and economically. Petra and Carolin started GRIM by bootstrapping and without a lot of practical knowledge about the food- and farming industry in Denmark, but that has never put their business to a stop, because researching and learning-by-doing have been valuable tools for the duo and their mission.  


The two founders are from Finland and Germany and met at CBS where they studied Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Throughout their studies and the beginning of GRIM they had a holistic approach to running a business and understanding its foundations. That’s why they have spend the better part of the first year in the life of GRIM to research and understand the problems with overproduction and food waste in the farming industry. They have worn their rubber boots and rain jackets and been out in the field themselves. And they have done the outrageous thing of finding their way through those annoying unidirectional streets of Copenhagen to deliver the produce to their customers. Crazy bip!  


Now they know every corner of their business (and Copenhagen) and have hands-on-experience with the procedures and workflows. It has been a matter of learning-by-doing for the two founders, and by now they have learned to start executing more and getting things done, shifting from mainly researching. However, by understanding the problems of the food industry thoroughly and making them the root of their business, Petra and Carolin have discovered a gap in the marked that GRIM can fill out, which is appreciated by the farmers and customers alike. In this way, the research and holistic approach has paid off well, and the business is growing. The two founders feel safe about giving away responsibilities, because they know exactly how the business is run, and what procedures there are along the way. And that is how they plan to grow in 2019. They have fertilized with research, watered with knowledge, so now they can watch their crops grow, and bring home the harvest.  


Petra and Carolin have experienced that involving themselves in every process and procedure can be a good way of starting a business. It creates a holistic understanding and a great way of pinpointing the problem that gives the business its foundation of existence. However, at one point research has to end to make way for well-founded and informed action, and this is where the seeds of business grow into an apple tree of ugly produce. Go research and learn more here:


 Simone Brunshøj 


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How to Grow Veggies and a Business
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