How to motivate your team

We are often drowning in daily tasks and forgetting the higher meaning and purpose in our work. We forget what we really are working on, and what there is exciting about it?

A motivated team performs better and solves problems faster. If you and your team are on the same mission, they will hit the gas harder and move faster. They will get the task done today instead of tomorrow.

One effective way to motivate a team is with what Salim Ismail in Exponental Organizations describes as a Massive Transformative Purpose or MTP. It is a short statement that describes the higher purpose of your work. At the best, a MTP can inspire the team and form a community around it.

Salim Ismail has analyzed hundreds of successive organizations. They all have one thing in common – they have a MTP. Google is “Organize the world’s information”, TED’s MTP is “Ideas worth spreading”, GitHub is “Social Coding” and Reed Bull is “Giving you wings”, just to mention a few.

In our business, FlyHjælp, we did not only want to focus on money. Money alone does not motivate people in the right way. We wanted to focus on a higher purpose in our business, so we created this MTP:

“Bringing smiles back to air passengers”

Our MTP describes the problem that, we are solving. We are the solution for the unsatisfied, delayed passengers to get happy again by getting their compensation that they are entitled to.

The MTP helps the organization to maintain qualified employees (inside the organization), but also works really well for hiring (outside the organization) – as we have seen in FlyHjælp. With this MTP we were able to hire really qualified employees.

It is important to repeat directly or indirectly many times a week. In fact, if you ask your employees at 5 am in the morning, what we are doing in our business, they shall instantly answer: We are doing this…

So what can be a MTP for your team?

If you want to read more about MTP’s or exponential organizations, I can highly recommend “Exponential Organizations” by Salim Ismail and others. If you do not have the time to read the book, this article is great:

All the best,
Gustav Frederik Thybo

How to motivate your team
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