Implementing CRM in Retap

Up until now, Retap has been a successful and rather chaotic sales company. Much effort has been put into attaining customers in Denmark and abroad, but now is the time for focusing less on acquiring new customers, resellers and partners and more on working with building stronger relations and recurring sales from existing ones.

CRM, Customer Relationship Management, is something we want to make work for Retap during the next months. The reason for this effort is that it is increasingly difficult to determine our ROI on fairs, events, campaigns and such.

Especially fairs are a huge expense, and we want to be able to track, how much we get out of these fairs. Data is the only way to make informed and strategic decisions, and therefore we need a system for tracking what comes in from all the business cards in our pockets after fairs.

We have chosen OnePageCRM as it is simple, visually compelling and seems like something, we will actually use. We already work in Podio and have set up a CRM system in there – specifically for Retap. But it hasn’t been used for quite some time now, and therefore we need a new take on this area.

OnePageCRM has its strength in the ease of registering new contacts. Also the tool Action List is a nicely organized list of the most pressuring actions to take in relation to ongoing deals, appointments, leads, customers etc.

I myself (Rued) have been using the system for a little while now, and I am overall very satisfied with the functionality, ease of use and intuitive layout. OnePageCRM has replaced my use of Google Drive and Excel, as it automates many of the registration needed in these rather static and general tools. The app integration could be better with OnePageCRM, but export to .csv, use of MailChimp, import of Gmail contacts and such works fine.

On a more strategic level, we hope and expect this CRM system to enable us to keep promises, maintain good relationships and not drop customer prospects on the floor. That doesn’t mean the CRM system only works for nurturing existing relationships – it is also a great way of logging everything related to new leads and register their background, contact info and quotations.

A challenge is to align the different ways the sales people work with their portfolios, as a huge advantage if this CRM system is the visual and easily interpreted overview of pending deals, monthly sales, responsibilities and such.

We might not all switch to this new system from our different documents, sheets and notes right away, but in a future scenario, the whole sales process will have to become increasingly organized as Retap grows.

These were some early thoughts on implementing a new CRM system into the Retap sales team. Let us know, if you have some great learnings or insights on the matter.

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Implementing CRM in Retap
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