Is there a US market for the Spraino?

Do you have a US entry plan? No, I surely did not! I was asked this question four days prior to visiting a danish incubator “Lemonsqueeze” in Brooklyn, New York. For a company not having a product on the market yet, it seemed almost ridiculous to think about US entry. Well, not anymore.

I have developed “Spraino”, a product to help athletes avoid ankle injuries. My trip to New York provided me with my first user experience study. It showed a surprisingly high proportion who would consider buying the Spraino! The youth thought it was easy to apply and understood how it worked. The pricepoint seemed realistic; $9 for a Spraino was perceived as fair. The positive responses were actually so far beyond my expectations that I started to worry; could this just be politeness to a danish physician showing up in an exclusively coloured neighbourhood in Brooklyn?

But the coach for the kids at the school came up to me and wanted to buy Sprainos right away, even the commissioner for all of the NY schools was interested! During a training session a player on the team with the frailest ankles was expected to twist his ankle, but slipped instead – probably saved by the Spraino. His teammates shouted out loud: ‘It worked!’

These findings are in line with the tests in Denmark, nevertheless we realize that further studies with less risk of bias are needed. However the reception was so positive that a very dedicated local basketball coach and entrepreneur, Philip Hayes, has asked to use the product for his teams’ play-off matches and has offered to help market the Spraino in New York. So, I’ll be back in New York again next month to do more studies at a national basketball competition. After that I hope we can start test sales.

I am thinking: Does Steve Curry realize how much he needs the Spraino? So far, nobody has sustained an ankle injury using a Spraino…

Whether it is a good idea to start out in the US is obviously all about your product and the market it is in. But with Mik Strøyberg and his co-workers at Lemonsqueeze, I was given just the right amount of support to make things happen and not least, to seem possible. It is still a mountain to climb to enter the US market, but the path is clearly visible now. Thank you for a great week Go Grow and Lemonsqueeze!

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Is there a US market for the Spraino?
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