Joachim Majholm

Joachim is a San Francisco-based, Danish-born entrepreneur, angel investor and media executive.

In 2008, he founded and build the TV production company Gong and took it from 1 to 50 employees and from 0 kr to 40 mio. kr revenue until he exited to MTG in 2013.

He moved to San Francisco with his American-born wife and three kids in January 1. 2015. Here he studied angel investment at Stanford University and quickly became a part of the bustling startup eco system in the San Francisco / Silicon Valley area.

Joachim is a very happy early investor in Zendesk, and has recently made early investments in a small number of (mostly) Danish startups with big international ambitions.

He enjoys mentoring founders in the early days, and have extended experience with focusing the business, creating winning pitch decks, investment rounds, media, going global and long-term strategy.

As a side note, he is preparing to open up San Francisco’s first Danish/Scandinavian resturant in 2017 with his chef-wife

Joachim Majholm
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