Legatbogen – Building Google for Grants

Legatbogen launched in October 2016 and is already the largest search engine for grants in Denmark

In a recent interview with Director and Founder of Legatbogen David Dencker, Go Grow got to know exactly how the company is helping people applying for grants and the foundations making the grants.

In Denmark there are more than 12.000 grants for for different purposes such as studies abroad, research, start-ups, people in need and much more. Unfortunatley applicants often find themselves lost in a jungle: it’s difficult figuring out which grants you can apply for and how to start the process.

Most of the world has moved online, but the grant industry has not followed yet. The lack of transparency means that applicants often apply for the wrong grants and thus waste their own time as well as the time of grant makers. Legatbogen estimates that 30% of the people who apply for funds do not meet the basic donation criteria. This is a huge administrative burden for the grant makers.

Legatbogen helps the applicants find the right grants and the grant makers get the right applicants.

“We do this because we want to help create the partnerships that make good projects become real – that’s our mission statement.” Says David Dencker. That is easier said than done. 34 student employees have spent the last 10 months entering all available information in Legatbogens database and now Legatbogen wants to improve the match process by using machine learning.

David continues: “We are not a traditional commercial start-up. We are an impact first company. This allows us not to charge money for information and freely share all our data with research institutions such as CBS. Essentially it means that our core solution will be free forever and if we decide to charge for additional services in the future it will be in order to generate the funds necessary for us to make Legatbogen even better.”

Legatbogen now has information about all grants in Denmark and helps more than 10.000 users every month. Watch out for this company – they are just getting started.

Legatbogen – Building Google for Grants
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