Let’s Get Real: The Reality Of Working For A Startup

Startup life. People crave it, and fantasise over it. I’m here to tell you it’s not all push-scooters in refurbished-warehouse-offices. And while you may have play-offs with the sales guy on a vintage pinball machine, here are some of the realities that come with it as well as the type of people who just do it best.

Structure: not a major focus

Like it? Need it? Wanna be it? Working for a startup means that you’re less focused on specific tool X that helps me book my holiday leave. Generally you’re putting your energy into how to hustle to make your business succeed every day. Things to make work routine and predictable are sometimes missing. Sometimes, you’ve just got to Slack your one colleague to ask if you can take that trip to Croatia next week that you planned last night.

Those who thrive at startups: use this. They love being able to have flexi-hours, to work remotely, and to mould their role to fit their life.

How about a single, focused role?

Of course, everyone gets hired for something. And that’s your job – you need to rock it. But after that? There’s always work to be done, and not enough hands to do it. At startups you learn to be agile, and figure out how to wear different hats that you never even thought were your style, let alone colour.

Those who thrive at startups: love the variety, and the change. They find that this type of exposure helps them to develop far; fast.

Leaving your work at work

Let’s just say, a job at a startup is not like a doctor’s. You don’t just leave your patients at the hospital at the end of your day, and go on home to unwind. Your startup needs visibility, it needs awareness, and it needs you to advocate it. You’ll find yourself posting about it on Facebook, talking to people about it on Tinder, getting your mom to try it out – seriously. Your hand grenade is word of mouth, and you will end up using it.

Those who thrive at startups: are social, and passionate about what they do. They don’t shove it down your throat, but make it an exciting journey for their friends, Tinder dates, and moms to be a part of.

Last thoughts

Love it or hate it, working in a startup is personal. Your company is made up of a handful of people who have the drive and dedication to make their vision a reality. And your role often will determine whether you will sink or swim. And so you get your hands dirty, and you get pushed to the limits that you wouldn’t expect to reach from a normal job. For me, working at Wolt’s been the best decision that I’ve ever made.

For you? It just might be too.

Let’s Get Real: The Reality Of Working For A Startup
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