Making green business good business

In Green Tech Challenge, we are thrilled to be participating in the GoGrow. The programme comes with warm recommendations from many startups in our network. The results the GoGrow programme has achieved, speaks for itself.

During our stay at CSE, we have observed the GoGrow participants from the sidelines and we have seen the huge value add you can harvest from participating. Startups have been connected to investors, CEO’s, advisory boards, boards and have radically changed their business models to the better.

Working with a rather intangible product ourselves, we believe that engagement with coaches, mentors and advisors is a valuable way for us to gain clarity. We need this clarity in our business model, our communication and especially in ways that can translate into our day-to-day working routines. What should be prioritized when, how and especially why?

Already, we have had a great benefit from being in touch with one of the GoGrow mentors, Jakob Heiberg. Jakob has been a great help in choosing the next steps for Green Tech Challenge. Perhaps more importantly, he has been a great help in choosing what not to do next.

About Green Tech Challenge

The company is founded on the principles that anything is possible if you work smart enough. We saw that the world desperately needs changing, if we are to not succumb to climate changes and the consequences of climate change.

Concluding that none of the founders had the idea for a technology that could change the world, we decided to work hard at what we’re really good at – like Nokia, we are connecting people. We found out, that most great green innovations fail because they fail to commercialize and they have trouble raising capital with the right timing.


Green Tech Challenge aims to solve this. That is how we’re making green business good business.

Every year we connect the smartest and most ambitious people to capital, advisory and industrial partnerships.

In 2017 we are growing and going international, and will run 5 separate 5-day growth sprints for 16 startups in:






Paris/London (TBA)


Visit us at to learn more about what we do.

Making green business good business
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