Martin Esven

Martin is a business advisor focusing on small and medium sized businesses, including entreprenuers. With 18 years of experience from Deloitte – 10 years as an auditor and business advisor, and 8 years working with different leadership teams with responsibility within strategy, business development, Communications, learning and human ressource management – Martin has build strong strategic business development capabilities.

Based on a thorough understanding of the business idea and the market potential Martin will be able to help you create structure and direction in your development process. This includes everything from mission, vision, values and strategy to business modelling, project management, stakeholder engagement and teambuilding.

Martin has recently started his own business – delivering services as a strategic business advisor and professional board member in the SME segment. He is very passionate about creating sustainable growth and helping skilled leaders perform even better.

If you are looking to create momentum in your business development – you should meet with Martin.

Martin Esven
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