Meet the new Go-Grow teams



AthGene is a Personal Genetics Startup, with ambitions to democratize individuals’ access to their genetic information. The team has already launched the product, on-boarded paying customers, and secured Angel funding. The next step is to leverage Go-Grow to scale the company globally.




Monera helps consumers to negotiate better and personalized deals with financial companies and thereby realize significant savings on an annual basis. Our vision is to be the consumers’ gateway to all major financial decisions throughout their lives.




Get noticed with our labeling, packaging and company image solutions. We are a full-service company, which will guide you from an idea to the final label, whether you are in the food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical or chemical industry. L-Print – Label it. Pack it. Improve it.


Lineup Battle


Lineup Battle makes football even more extraordinary. Build an ultimate lineup and battle other fans in real-time. New battles every day!




CanopyLAB is an online platform, which connects passionate youth with NGOs through live learning, group exercises and activism.


Roots Food


The team behind Roots Food is introducing the powerful superfood Moringa. It’s good for you and for the people who grow it. Moringa is packed with nutrition – so much, that it is nature’s most powerful natural vitamin factory, giving you an energizing green boost. When you eat Moringa, you are a part of providing a sustainable livelihood for the farmers in the typhoon area of the Philippines and giving back to the environment.


Mainz Jewelry


Hanne Mainz is a Master in Architecture from Copenhagen School of Architecture and founder of the Copenhagen-based jewelry company H.Mainz. Her jewelry is handmade and focuses on bringing light and colorful jewels into the market, with a strong root in Danish design.




Tipsterville is a Social Sports Betting Game with real-world events and data. You can chat and follow other Tipsters and get notified whenever they are placing their next winning sport bet. You can now use the wisdom from the crowd to place winning sport bets.


Chilote Shoes


Eco-inclusive comfort for feet and soul. Our indoor shoes redefine the concept of “made fair” by enabling shared value between local renewable materials and craftsmanship in the Patagonia. The result is an ecosystem of responsible production and amazingly useful, noble & unique products.


The Wave


The Wave is an international free crowd funding platform, where non-profit organizations, individuals and companies can interact, support and engage on all charitable projects either by donating money, hosting an event, creating viral campaigns, selling or auctioning products. Welcome to The Wave: the one stop destination for all charitable needs!


Design by Witt

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At Design by Witt we are passionate about wooden creations. We combine beautiful Danish design traditions, with a new refreshing and positive twist. With our Tokens of happiness, we wish to share a loving energy all over the world through a positive and joyful expression.


Crate Nordic


Crate Nordic is an online marketplace of locally produced Furniture and Design bought directly from professional Nordic makers. We support the maker’s business and hereby make locally produced, customized and unique furniture and design easily accessible.




FlyHjælp is a company that helps air passengers with the collection of economic compensation for delayed, cancelled and overbooked flights. For travellers, it can be problematic and frustrating to negotiate against airline lawyers, who may not follow the laws and deny private claims. FlyHjælp saves you the inconvenience and uses its expertise to secure your compensation.



Try Medics


Try Medics arranges work experiences in nursing, medicine, midwifery or dentistry on the tropical Island Zanzibar for university students or students in their gap year who are pursuing a career within healthcare. Our programmes can give you first-hand insight into healthcare and strengthen your personal statement, which for example can be used in an admission essay for a medical university.


Also part of Go-Grow are Mirsk, Grønlykke Medical and Handvärk.

Meet the new Go-Grow teams
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