miheroo is a global platform that connects expatriates, travellers, and domestic helpers for improved lives.

By creating this connection we create jobs and access to an otherwise informal employment market and are able to implement means to protect both employers and helpers thereby building trust, safety, and better conditions for everybody, everywhere. We further work to increase transparency of the domestic service industry, helping governments create better social security as well as international organisations, and NGOs target development programmes better.

miheroo supports in particular United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 8: Decent work and Economic development as well as ILO’s Domestic workers convention 189. After six months of preparatory activities, miheroo was founded in November 2017 in Copenhagen by Sara Roy-Bonde, Mikkel Lindhard, Jeppe Utzon, and Nicolas Roy-Bonde. We hold expertise within marketing and communications, IT, architecture and design as well as commercial law.

miheroo – I’m so glad you’re here.


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