miheroo – solving old problems with new technology

What do you get when you put a billion-people-and-growing market, documented unmet needs, behaviour change, technology development, a great idea, AND a strong team together?


At miheroo we have created the optimal alignment of all forces necessary to offer a service, that will solve a new yet old challenge experienced by a vast and ever-increasing market.

Too good to be true? Let’s go back to the beginning.


It was 2004 and Sara, a miheroo co-founder, expatriated to Beijing. New to an old world she was excited yet nervous and the years that followed were filled with adventure and struggles felt by expatriates all over the world. One challenge in particular, the identification of a good and reliable domestic helper, was only overcome when a real estate agent knew a wonderful “ayi”. Four years later Beijing was exchanged for Seoul; another new world, new norms, and same old challenge to find trustworthy helpers. Fast forward to 2015 when Copenhagen was exchanged for Accra and that same unsolved challenge was overcome by the kind recommendation by a colleague, because still no global platform solves the problem for Sara and her fellow expatriates.

Did you know that more than 3,600,000,000 air seats were taken in 2016 – a number which is expected to grow by more than 5% annually for many more decades? That more than 57 million people are expatriated by employers to live semi-permanent lives in countries different from their home? Humankind is morphing into global nomads with new needs and technology is stepping up to solve them.


Recent development has already spurred a change in consumer behaviour and people are sharing their assets with strangers all over the world. Companies like Airbnb and Uber provide new opportunities while boosting private finances – but the easy sharing of one’s skills is still an almost untouched market.


Two miheroo-conducted questionnaires; one of Danes living abroad and one of more than 20 nationalities of expatriates living in Ghana, clearly indicate that expatriates rely almost exclusively on word of mouth when it comes to identification of domestic helpers in their host countries, and that the process is considered not only unsafe but also inconvenient. Maybe because of this, the majority state that a central platform will increase safety, make their life easier, save time, and in general speed up the important settlement process, which can mean the difference between a good expatriation and a poor.


All we had to add was our strong team; a communications professional, an IT developer, an architect/designer, and a lawyer in order to create the perfect and most obvious solution to this decades-old problem – which will improve millions of lives of not only expatriates but also domestic workers around the world.

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miheroo – solving old problems with new technology
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