Real-time process improvement to reach your targets faster

The Production Efficiency Tracker (PET) is a holistic system that helps you get insights of what is actually happening in production work processes in real time with the aim of helping you achieve your production targets fast and better schedule production.

From visualization & analytics to real-time planning

PET provides advanced visual management solutions on the production floor. This improves the prioritization of work processes, as well as the management of issues related to handling.

The system does not only track the processes, but it also monitors the actions that have been taken and by whom, simply by annotating data.

Besides monitoring, the system provides:

  • unique features to highlight anomalies (via email, SMS and push notifications)

  • automatic data gathering

  • raw data to ERP systems

All the data collected from the factory floor can then be used to improve the production schedule in real time.

PET is developed in Denmark and Romania. in collaboration with the Research Center for IoT at the Danish Technical University, we build algorithms to use big data to better schedule production and incorporate the risk of non-delivering.

Why PET?

When compared to similar systems currently available on the market, you immediately notice that PET offers a holistic approach to the entire manufacturing process, whereas other systems address these issues only partially.

The main advantage when you are using PET is that you gain instant access to both the hardware and software, which are manufactured in-house.

Plus, it is a full package that supports manual and automated processes. It can be integrated with new machinery (production equipment) or retrofitted.

Who can implement PET right now?

  • Life Sciences industries (Medtech and Pharmaceutical)

  • Military Equipment

  • Automotive industry

Did you know? For Life Sciences industries we offer assistance in digitalizing the paper-based system that is required in order to be GMP compliant.

Some of our clients: Plexus, Sanofi, Nidec Control Techniques (a corporation from Japan involved in the automation control technology).

How does PET work, in 6 simple steps

  1. Building the bespoke hardware & software

We start by customizing the hardware & software settings according to your specific needs. Together with you, we choose the relevant data to track, as well as other features that can make your production process faster and safer.

This enables us to offer you a complete solution to your production line, as opposed to you having to coordinate the process with several different suppliers.

  1. Super simple, Lego-like data annotations

The device used for data annotations has a user interface similar to the Lego bricks. Wondering why? Its simplicity allows us to quickly and accurately develop a new flow of processes for a specific industry (we’ve even installed one in hours!).

At the same time, this is a cross-platform technology. We can easily deploy it on dedicated devices with just a touch of the screen. The device is extremely reliable and at the same time highly affordable.

  1. Adaptable to both manual & fully automated assembly lines

There are no two industries alike, as there are no two factories that are identical.

With this in mind, we have tried from the very beginning to create a malleable system that would mold on both manual and fully automated assembly lines.

  1. Fast installation time

PET is usually installed in a matter of days. Our personal best? Just a few hours, on a single day!

Because the system is so straightforward and because we take the time to analyze your needs prior to doing anything else when the time comes to install it, the process is straightforward.

Any questions that might arise during the installation are addressed quickly – so you will not lose precious manufacturing time!

  1. Cost efficient

We are extremely cost-efficient:

  • We produce the hardware internally and we have many years of experience in developing hardware

  • The system is very flexible so we can do most of the work from configuration

  • Both hardware and the flow of acquiring the data from production people are made like lego bricks so is fast and cheap to adapt to different processes

  • We provide the full package from identifying  together with the customer the relevant data to collect to deployment

  1. Continuous development of new features

PET successfully satisfies the needs of numerous clients. We are working around the clock to come up with new features that will make it even more pleasant to use.

We are currently developing new systems that will incorporate risk assessment into the production planning process. This will include:

  • predictive maintenance

  • historical downtime

  • quality issues

The technology has been here for 15 years. So why is PET revolutionizing the market now? Companies have been reluctant at implementing this technology until now because there was virtually no simple way to do it. But now, with a fast turnaround time, customisable data tracking and quick implementation, PET is changing the industry game!

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